T2202A & TL11A Tax Form Availability

Each year, DeVry Institute of Technology pairs with a third party vendor, ECSI, to prepare your T2202A or TL11A Tax Forms. You should receive an email from ECSI once the form is available on their website. Please check your junk mail folder as well as sometimes mass email communications can inadvertently end up there.

Once you have received the email from ECSI, please follow these step by step instructions in order to retrieve your tax form:

    1. Go to the URL provided in the email
    2. Enter the username and password provided in the email
    3. Once logged in, select "View Tax Statements"
    4. Select the year you want to retrieve
    5. Select "View"

DeVry Institute of Technology cannot provide income tax advice. If you have any questions regarding tax credits, eligibility, reporting your tax credit on your tax return, etc., please contact a tax professional or the Canada Revenue Agency Tax Information Phone Service at 800.267.6999.

Please contact a Student Finance Representative by calling 403.207.6240 if you have any questions regarding the information on your T2202A or TL11A Tax Form.

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